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Men’s Black Hoodie: Tips To Wear A Hoodie In Five Different Ways

A black hoodie mens is the most versatile piece of outfit any man (or even woman) can own. Once upon a time, the hoodie was considered something unusual, something only a robber would wear. Imagine a swag bag, hoodie, and mouth cover; it makes you think of something a robber in the movie would wear, no? Well, that is not the case anymore! Hoodies are worn by everyone and are considered a style statement.Over the past few years, this clothing item, considered only a street style fit, made its appearance on the runways. Hoodies are no different than sweatshirts. The only feature that separates hoodies and sweatshirts is that they feature a hood. You can wear hoodies to your gym, a night out with your friends, for layering under jackets and coats. Hoodies are best known for their comfort and athleisure look. Here, you can learn how to wear black mens hoodies the right way for any occasion and look amazing.  

Black hoodie mens can be worn with pretty much anything. The hoodies went from angry adolescents wearing them to the piece of clothing that every celebrity is wearing today. 

History Of The Hoodie

Long before the hoodies became the clothing that robbers wear in movies to hoodies that people are wearing today, some brands claim that the hoodie was invented during the 1930s and lay their claim over the piece of clothing. 

It is no secret that hoodies are made for athletes as clothing items to keep them dry and warm in bad weather conditions. After that, the hoodies took over the world of hip-hop culture, angry young adults, university students, skaters, and the runways.

The Comeback Of Hoodies

Every time the fashion week comes, news outlets jump at the first chance to take advantage of the most outrageous looks they can find on the runway, but in reality, most of the men’s wear clothes are made out of practicality. And that is why you need to learn how to wear hoodies comfortably.

Read ahead to learn how to wear black hoodies in 5 different ways. 

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5 Different Ways To Wear A Hoodie

If you love to wear black and are out of ideas on how to wear your favorite black hoodie, here are some ideas for you. 

A Layered Ensemble

Let’s talk about hoodies as innerwear. At times, all you need to stay warm and comfortable is a hoodie. But there are days when you need to wear hoodies with outerwear such as a jacket or coat. You can wear your all black hoodie mens under a long coat or parka for cozy comfort and plenty of warmth. 

For the coldest of days, you can choose a coat with insulation and the one with the warmest rating. Moderately cold days call for a warm coat but shorter in length. For a roomy fit on rainy days, you can pair your black hoodie with a nylon rain jacket to keep you dry and warm.

As Part Of An Athleisure Fit

The athleisure trend is the most relaxed fit for anybody without sacrificing style. Hoodies are the best choice to achieve a laid-back athleisure look. With an athleisure look, cool looks and comfort go hand in hand. Thanks to the designers, it won’t look like you were too lazy to get out of gym wear. 

You can wear your mens black hoodie over black joggers or any color to get a color-blocked look. To add finishing touches and make your outfit look sharp, you can wear a cap with a pair of boots and a watch. 

Underneath A Leather Jacket

If you are convinced about the high and low mix, then it is fine if you choose to stay in more familiar territory. You can pair a leather jacket with your hoodie; this fusion is one of the low-octane pairings. The pairing is one of the ultimate choices when you have to go out, and you don’t want to leave behind the comfort of your hoodie, then you can pair your hoodie with some black or indigo jeans, Chelsea boots, and a black leather jacket to give your outfit a crispy clean look.  

With Tailored Pieces

If you want to learn how to wear hoodies with a blazer or suit, you’re certainly willing to create a look that will be very eye-catching and charming. There is no reason why you can experiment with this look. The fit will give you a sports meet formal vibe. 

You can try wearing an unstructured suit with your hoodie to create a non-traditional look. You can also pair your black hoodie with a black or navy suit and white lace-up sneakers instead of your regular formal shoes to nail this look. 

With Tailored Trousers

For a little less way to commit to mixing casual and smart, you can wear your smart, tailored trousers with a hoodie, and you’re good to go. It will make you look young and look different from your group altogether. The combination is known as the high-low dressing style and is becoming more popular every day. 

You can ace this look by wearing your black hoodie with some trousers and shoes. If you are ready to experiment with your look, you can wear patterned bottoms such as checks or pinstripes.  

General Guidelines On How To Wear Hoodies

If you are going to try out these styles with your hoodies, then there are some tips you should be careful about.

  • Search for pure cotton designs for longevity and the finest quality. 
  • If you feel doubtful, you can leave the hoodies with logos. Mottled weaves and flecks are a good way to add an interesting element to your fit. 
  • Personalized comedy hoodies are not the best of choices. 
  • Don’t dig in your closet and search for that old band hoodie. You are not a teenager anymore, and you are longer in the early 2000s. 
  • If you plan to wear your campus hoodies, then think again because university hoodies are a no-go. 
  • Instead of black zip-up hoodie mens designs, you should opt for pullover designs because they make for a smarter fit. 
  • Do not go and look for a must-have and most trendy hoodie if you are planning on using them well. Rather, choose a timeless, classic, and versatile design in a color that will complement your existing wardrobes, such as gray, beige, or plain black hoodie mens
  •  Suppose you are above the age of forty. A hoodie in high-quality fabric and tailored pants will make you look grown-up and smart. 
  • A fitted hoodie is the best way to make you look sharp instead of sloppy and messy.   

Hoodies are the best streetwear fits that you can choose to wear for pretty any occasion. The best outfit for you is the one that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable, and hoodies tick all the boxes. At Bein God Lyk, you will get the best of plain, logo, and tie-dye hoodies in many color variations. There are plenty of options to choose from, and we offer the best quality material at affordable prices. 

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