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Planning To Buy A Bikini? Here’s What You Need To Know About It

Everybody needs a break after being cooped up in our homes for so long. Leading an oh-so-busy and work-driven life means you should escape from there. Resting for some time and sipping your margaritas is a better option to get a break from your hectic routine. It is the summer season, and we know you all are ready to bring out the bikinis you’ve been waiting to wear for so long. Summer also means that you can go out on beaches and pool parties and dance your heart out. I can assure you that there is nothing better than bikinis to get you in the mood to party on hot sunny days. 

So, turn on your A-game with these gorgeous bikinis and get ready to enjoy this season. 

Types of Bikinis To Choose From

To help you select a perfect pair, we have created a list of bikinis that you can don this summer season: 

Upside Down Bikini Style

The upside-down bikini that was once a make-do trick for styling your top has become a verified bikini style. Many celebrities have tried this style during their lavish beach trips or lounging around their poolside. Once the pictures emerged of celebrities donning this style, the search for upside-down bikini-style spiked. You can wear string bikini tops to get this look. 

Barely There Bikini Bottoms

Another trend you can follow this summer is wearing bottoms that are barely there. Although, if you are not comfortable with this type of bikini bottoms, then you can opt for some high waisted bikini bottoms that will accentuate curves and also will give you nice coverage. Not only that, but high waisted bikini bottoms will also add a little length to your leg to make you look taller than usual. 

The Animal Print Bikini 

Animal printed bikinis became a trend that everyone loves, and it keeps coming back but getting better. Print bikinis first started with the classic leopard print bikinis, but lately, the designers have started experimenting, and we now have zebra print, tiger stripes, and cow spots. With these styles available, you can experiment with your outfits and try on something new.  


Cut-out style bikini is the most loved style online.  If this cut-out style makes you a little scared to try it out, you should look for some bikini style with minimum cut-outs and covers you nicely. If you are not comfortable trying out bikinis with a lot of exposure, you should take it slow and try on a few bikini sets or swimwear with fewer cut-out sections. 

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The Perfect Bikinis For All Your Upcoming Occasions

This year is all about wearing string bikinis, high-waisted bikini bottoms, animal prints, and underwire bikini tops. We all know that there are so many different types of bikinis to choose from, ranging from different textures to different colors and designs. Shopping for a bikini can be difficult, even for those who go out shopping regularly. So, we are here to help you through and get you summer-ready in no time. 

Weekend Getaways

If you are going out on a weekend getaway and need some rest and recreation time, you should do it in style. Even if you are going to sit and bathe in the sun with your girls for your summer weekend getaway trip, you need to look gorgeous. Wearing a color-blocked or monotone bikini while lounging in your chair with a glass of mimosa and a book to keep you company is what you precisely need for unwinding. 


Bachelorette Getaway

If it is your girl’s wedding bachelorette party, it is the perfect time to look extra glam. This occasion permits you to take out your glam and glitzy fit to turn a few heads. You can wear some string or bandeau bikini tops in sunset colors or animal prints to turn up the temperature. When you are in the mood to look a little less loud or glitzy, you can wear a plunging neckline halter top with matching bottoms. Do not forget to add a little glitzy number, such as a longline bikini top set or a halter neck set for when you are going out for a drink at the beach clubs.  


When packing up for your honeymoon, say yes to some flirty pair of bikini sets. For a touch of glam, go for some floral design bikini and swimwear, and dinner alongside the beach, you can go for a plunging or halter neckline to give off a romantic vibe to the whole setting. Keeping your hair open for the daytime look and a bun and some gold accessories for the nighttime look will complete the whole look.  

Beach Date

Get ready to set the heat rising on your beach date. Wearing something comfortable and fashionable is the mantra you need to live by when going on a date. A plunging neckline top and a high-waisted bottom is the outfit you are looking for. A white bikini outfit will make you look like a goddess and get you the head-turning look. You can pair it up with an oversized hat and flats to finish the look.

Family Holiday

Family holidays are all about looking cute and classy. For a family holiday, you can always wear candy-colored bikini sets that are very pleasing to the eye. You can also wear a floral print, polka dot bikinis, or monokini to get that cute-looking vibe. If you carry your little munchkin along, you can get a matching pair and twin twins.

Poolside Party

Can you decide what to wear? A tasseled kaftan or tie-up skirt will make you pool party-ready. 


Don’t let the ample choices in the market keep you away from wearing a bikini and having a great time. You can take ideas from this guide and stun everybody with your outfits the next time you go to an important occasion. To find your perfect bikini or swimwear outfit, head over to our website, Be In God Lyk, and shop your heart out.  

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