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How To Clean Your High-Top Canvas Shoes?

Although something is charming when we look at a pair of most-loved high top canvas shoes, there is a little difference between a well-worn pair of canvas and shoes that are straight-up dirty and look like they need a good wash. If we put the comfort factor aside, canvas shoes are very versatile, popular, and a practical choice for every person. Want to know the best part? Canvas shoes are also extremely tough and flexible and give your feet some room to breathe so they can stay at a moderate temperature inside the shoe.  If you have been wearing canvas shoes for a while now, then they are most probably carrying little memories of every place you’ve been to when you were wearing them, in the form of scuffs, splotches, stains, and dirt. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to throw away your favorite pair of shoes just yet. As long as your shoes are not torn or have holes in them, you can use them for some more time by giving some love and care. We have rounded up some techniques that will leave your high-top canvas shoes feeling squeaky clean. 

Keep reading ahead to know how you can clean your canvas shoes at home.

How Often Should You Clean Your High-Top Canvas Shoes?

How often any fabric or high-top canvas shoes depend on how frequently you wear your shoes and where you are going after wearing them. If you wear your shoes occasionally, you should wash them at least once every season and try to clean any specific stains immediately. 

If you wear your canvas shoes every day, you should wash them more frequently. Doing this will keep the shoes looking clean and smelling fresh. You should wash your dirty high-top canvas shoes weekly, and they can be washed either using the hand wash technique or in a washer. 

What You Will Need

Below are the tips and tricks to follow while washing your favorite pair of high-top Canvas shoes:


  • Some laundry detergent
  • Mesh Laundry Bag
  • Oxygen or chlorine-based bleach
  • Disinfectant


  • Soft bristle brush
  • Washer

How To Clean High Top Canvas Shoes In A Washer

Before you start, there is something you should know. If your high-top canvas shoes have leather or suede trim, you should not wash your shoes in a washing machine. You should choose handwashing in its place. This also goes if any of your shoes have embellishments, such as beadings, trims, or rope soles. The action of the washing machine is too harsh for your shoes, and staying for too long in the water may loosen the glue used in making the shoes.

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If your canvas shoes have laces, then you should first untie and remove the shoelaces and wash them separately. You can add the laces in the mesh laundry bag before you put the shoes in the washing machine to prevent your laces from tangling. Or you can also clean your laces by hand using some soapy and warm water. 

Washer Cycles And Cleaning Products

High-top canvas shoes can be washed using your everyday laundry detergent. For white high-top canvas shoes, chlorine bleach can be added to clean and brighten up the color of your shoes. You should opt for an oxygen-based bleach for black canvas shoes or any colored canvas shoes instead. 

If you are worried about fungus or athlete’s foot, then add a disinfectant to the cleaning water. You should always follow the instructions given on the product. 

Wash in cold or warm water applying a normal wash cycle but if it is possible, select a spin cycle with a lower speed to stop your washer from going off-balance. 

Remove Stains

If your high-top canvas shoes are extremely soiled or have stains, use a teaspoon of any heavy-duty laundry detergent to pretreat all the stains on your shoes. Dab the detergent on the canvas shoes and scrub it lightly using a brush with soft bristles. Allow the detergent to sit for at least fifteen minutes to break the soil before putting the shoes in the washer. 

Don’t ever put your muddy high-top canvas shoes in the washing machine because it can clog the machine and cause the washer to malfunction. Rinse off the mud beforehand in the utility sink or using a garden hose.

Fill Your Washer Load.

You should never put your high-top canvas shoes or any shoes alone in the washing machine; you should always fill up the machine with clothes. If you are putting in lace-up shoes, then you should pull out the tongue of the shoes as you put them in the washing machine so that the cleaning liquid can reach every nook and cranny of the shoes. 

Drying Your High-Top Canvas Shoes

After washing, put your shoes away from direct sunlight and let them air dry. If you are worried about the shape of your shoes, then stuff them using paper towels or nylon mesh towels. You can also change paper towels frequently to help shoes dry faster.

How To Clean High Top Canvas Shoes Using Hand Wash?

Hand washing is a much safer option if your high-top canvas shoes have embellishments or you need to clean the fabric of your shoes. 

What You Will Need

To wash your cool high-top Canvas shoes by hand, you need these significant items and tricks for effortless yet effective cleaning:


  • Some liquid laundry detergent
  • Terry cloth towel
  • Warm water


  • Soft bristle brush
  • Sponge or cloth
  • Melamine sponge
  • Sink or bucket

Prepare A Cleaning Solution

Combine two quarts of warm water with one teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent. 

Pretreat Stains

If your shoes have some visible stains, then use a little bit of detergent and scrub your shoes using a soft-bristled brush or your fingers to remove a specific stain. Keep the shoe for at least fifteen minutes before you wash it off. 

Scrub The Shoe Using A Sponge

Before you wash your high-top canvas shoes, remove the laces, if there are any, and soak them in the detergent solution you prepared before cleaning your shoe. 

Fully immerse your washcloth or sponge in detergent solution and warm water, and then use it to scrub your canvas shoes outer and the inner surface. Pay some attention to the soles of the shoes as well. 

If the soles of your shoes are extremely dirty, use a melamine sponge instead to remove all the scuff marks on the rubber. 

Rinse And Dry

When you successfully remove the soil from your high-top canvas shoes, wash the shoes using a cloth by dipping them in fresh water and wiping them down. Wash the laces, and now allow your shoes to dry away from the harsh and direct heat of the sunlight. Wiping down your shoes using an absorbent towel will speed up the whole drying process. 

If you are trying to get rid of any visible stains on your canvas shoes for men, these are some of the most effective techniques to clean your shoes. However, if you want to buy a pair of high-top canvas shoes or two, head over to Bein God Lyk and get your pair now; we have a range of cool clothing articles and accessories that you can shop for and flaunt your completely new style without spending a lot of money.

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