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Try These Cool Unisex Hoodies And Create A Great Ensemble

Do you remember that fuzzy feeling when you get out of bed with snuggly pajamas? Leaving them behind is a feeling of misery every morning. Hoodies are the best solution to get comfort back in your life. A common myth is that people can only wear hoodies during colder seasons. But that is not true; you can wear hoodies on any day. Hoodies are such a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear them in many different ways. They have become a modern wardrobe staple and can be worn by men and women. Throughout the years, the way people wear hoodies has changed. It (especially white hoodies) has become a style statement and can be expanded into new areas of personal styling with its so many varieties. 

We have created a styling guide for how you can style your hoodies and prove that comfortable can also be fashionable. 

  • Tips on wearing a baggy/ oversized hoodie
  • Men’s manual to wearing a baggy or oversized hoodie:
  • Women’s manual to wearing a baggy or oversized hoodie:
  • How to toss a hoodie
  • Being a woman, you can choose to style your white hoodies womens in the summer days.

Tips On Wearing A Baggy/Oversized Hoodie

Baggy black hoodies are a blessing to people who don’t want to compromise on their comfort and fashion needs. Wearing hoodies can be worn as a casual everyday outfit or if you’re going to go outside for a quick chore. This relaxed yet smart street-style outfit is perfect for any weather or season. 

Below are some of our most-liked ideas to style the black hoodies for women and men:

Women’s Manual To Wearing A Baggy or Oversized Hoodie:

Wearing a baggy or oversized hoodie can look both stylish and comfortable. This piece of cloth is more versatile than any you have ever had before. However, black and white hoodies are more popular than other colors.

Bottoms You Can Wear With This Type of Hoodies

If you want to know which kind of bottoms you can pair with your hoodie, then here are some of the cool styling tips that you can follow:

  • Stay cozy in sweatpants. You can style your oversized white hoodies mens with a pair of hoodies. You can keep a comfortable fit with this ensemble. Wearing tapered joggers at the bottom will make you look good.
  • Rock a sporty ensemble with yoga pants or fitted leggings: Since the hoodie is already an oversized clothing article, pairing it with snug-fit yoga pants or leggings will add personality to your outfit. If you want a creative touch to your outfit, you can pair your hoodie with bold colors or prints.
  • Create an ensemble with snug-fit denim: You can never look bad while rocking a pair of jeans with oversized hoodies. You can mostly wear jeans that give you a little shape with an oversized hoodie. You can also add a little texture by choosing acid-washed or distressed jeans. 
  • Don’t wear bottoms with a big-sized hoodie: Yes, you read it right. You can always decide to ditch bottoms with an oversized hoodie and wear it as a dress. It makes up for an attractive streetwear fit.

Clubbing It Off By

  • Layering it up: You can layer your oversized hoodie with an oversized denim jacket. And if you are going for a sportier look, you can pair it up with a bomber jacket.
  • Pair it with a gorgeous set of canvas shoes or sneakers for a laid-back look: If you wear a solid-colored hoodie, you can style it with a pair of classic shoes or converse. 
  • Add a touch of class and high fashion with boots: You can style your oversized hoodie dress with thigh-high boots or strappy heels. This fierce look shows that you are ever ready to tackle problems. 

Men’s Manual To Wearing A Baggy or Oversized Hoodie

When styled correctly with the right clothing items, you can modify your regular oversized hoodie into an outfit that will make everybody look twice when you walk by them. 

Bottoms that you can wear with this: 

  • For a laid-back day, you can pair an oversized hoodie with some sweatshirts. Take unwinding to a new level and relax with style. 
  • You can style an oversized hoodie with joggers or some matching shorts for a modern-day out. It is a practical yet very stylish fit. This ensemble is good for your gym sessions or those sweaty workout sessions. 
  • Jeans with an oversized hoodie. Jeans and an oversized hoodie are the classic fit. This outfit is great for those cozy days when you look for comfort and style.
  • Wear slim-fit pants and an oversized hoodie for a party. This look will add an element of edge and style to your outfit. You can pair slim-fit pants with an oversized hoodie to achieve a more put-together look for when you are going out for a party. 

Complementing It By


  • Style your clothes with beautiful high-top shoes for a perfect streetwear outfit. It will give you all the hustle vibe. 
  • You can wear an oversized hoodie with a colorful bomber or denim jacket for a slick look and a fresh pair of kicks.
  • You can wear your oversized hoodie with khaki shorts and sandals for a surfer look. Wearing slip-ons or flip-flops will greatly complement your ensemble for a beach day look.

How To Compliment A Hoodie

When creating an ensemble, hoodies are an underrated article to experiment with. Their versatile nature gives people the chance to express themselves. They provide a fashionable edge to your style. Look at the tips below to get a comfortable, casual, and professional blend.

Styling The Hoodie

  • Style a t-shirt under your hoodie and a blazer on top: You can style a t-shirt underneath your hoodie and play with textures and colors. To experiment, you can style different blazers on top. This ensemble is a great statement piece for occasions that need a jacket, making up for an outfit that is professional yet casual at the same time.
  • A plain hoodie for a simple look: You can wear some simple and solid-colored hoodies for a regular day out. 
  • You can also wear a button-down under your hoodie: Styling a hoodie with a button-down underneath is the definition of casual and debonair. You can let your shirt poke out from your hoodie and roll the sleeve of your hoodie with a shirt. This timeless look allows you to look simple or bold, according to your preference.

Tip: Single-colored hoodies look great with a button-down in multiple colors. It can offer a variety of looks from your cupboard.

Layering The Bottoms:

  • You can wear slacks to add a professional look: Hoodies give you the comfort you need, and slacks provide the professional appearance your boss wants from you.

Tip: You can wear tan shoes or loafers with this look to give it a more professional look. 

  • You can wear jeans with your favorite hoodie to get a timeless-looking outfit. You can wear straight jeans, skinny jeans, or even wide-leg jeans; it does not matter. Top your favorite set of jeans with a comfortable hoodie to get the look. 

Tip: You can pair your bright-colored hoodie with a dark pair of jeans for an eye-catching look.

  • For little chilly days, you can wear your oversized hoodie with Bermuda shorts: Hoodies look good when pairing them with shorts, either in khaki color or pastel shades. 

Tip: You can pair this outfit with boat shoes for nicer occasions. 

Final Touches For Your Outfit

  • You can wear hats and sunglasses to add texture and color to elevate your outfits. But make sure that all the elements work well together in your outfit. 
  • To get an overall professional look, you can add a watch to your outfit. You can wear a classic analog watch with a leather strap and a simple watch face. 

How To Style A Hoodie For The Summer Season

While hoodies or sweatshirts are always associated with winters, you will be surprised to find out that you can wear both of these in the summer season as well. 

  • You can wear thin or sleeveless hoodies during warm weather days. The material of the hoodie is good for breathability and sweat absorption during high temperatures.
  • Wear light or pastel colors to stay cool and keep up with the weather.
  • Summers also provide more opportunities to work out outside. You can wear a loose-fit hoodie during workouts or jog as it is a great absorbent and keeps you dry and comfortable.

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